Delivery Guarantee

Delivery time guarantees will only apply to orders using EMS and DHL Express Shipping products. Orders using EMS service will only be able refund or reshipment until 35 days has elapsed, but during holiday months of December will not be eligible for replacement or refund until 45 days. All other orders placed with China post shipping will not be eligible for replacement or refund. We encourage all sellers to switch to Express Line or EMS Shipping to avoid costly delays during the Holidays.

Rush/Cancel/Change Order terms After payment made, any changes, cancellation or rush will be charged 25% of order amount as processing fee except address updating. 


Duties, Tax and Charges

Custom Duties, Tax and Charges are not included in our base price.

This is a shopper’s responsibility as each country has different Custom Duties and Laws of Taxation.


Refund Policy

Items Damaged or Poor Quality

If an item is damaged or is shipped with a poor-quality print, you must send us a photograph of the poor-quality print or damaged area. InterestPrint will replace any items damaged or poor-quality at no additional cost. InterestPrint is not responsible for items damaged in shipping.


Wrong Product Shipped/Missing Items

If we ship the wrong product to your customer, send us a photo showing how the product differs from what was ordered and we will replace or refund any such items at no additional cost. If there are missing items in an order please tell us the items that are missing and we will send the missing item.


Design Issues

If you have any other complaint regarding the design printed on a product, please send us a photo. Credits, refunds, or reprints will be issued at the sole discretion of InterestPrint if the printed design differs substantially from the artwork that was submitted. We will investigate every case and will work to provide a resolution that satisfies you and your customers.


Sizing Issues

To reduce the risk of sizing issues, we have provided accurate sizing charts on each of our product specifications pages for customer reference.

Refunds will not be issued for sizing disputes, only exchanges are allowed.

For shoes and clothing sizing disputes, InterestPrint will cover the product fee, but reship shipping fee should be covered by re-seller. Size exchange requests that differ by more than 2 sizes from the original size ordered will be considered a customer-input error, InterestPrint will not afford any fees for this exchange. In order for a exchange to be processed, sellers must provide the following information: reason the shoe didn’t fit (i.e. too small, too big, too narrow), the new size requested by the customer, InterestPrint order number.


Package Returned To Sender – Correct Address

If a package is returned to sender by the shipping courier, InterestPrint will reship the package to your customer for free after an address verification is complete by the seller. All returned to sender orders will be destroyed by the courier or InterestPrint will be charged for another custom tax, duties and another shipping fee once we confirm to ship it back to our production facility.

If a package is returned to the sender by the shipping courier for the second time, InterestPrint will reship the package to your customer for a fee of 50% from the Order Cost and will be collected through PayPal Payment Request.


Package Returned To Sender – Missed Delivery Attempts

All missed delivery attempt orders that got returned to Sender who received notification from InterestPrint or from the carrier to contact them for a delivery arrangement will only be compensated with 50% Refund Credit. Seller should also take the responsibility of making follow ups for the delivery progress.


Package Returned To Sender – Change Address

If a package is returned to sender due to an Address Change and would like to reship the order to the new Address, we will do it with a fee of 50% from the Order Cost.


Package Returned To Sender – Wrong Address

If a package is returned to sender due to wrong Address Information, InterestPrint will not be held liable and compensation will not be granted by any form. Seller should take the responsibility over this matter as we allow an Order Modification within 24 Hours.


Lost Order – Wrong Address

InterestPrint will not refund nor assume liability for orders that are lost due to incorrect Shipping Address.



Used Items and Term Limits

Items in used condition are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. New and unused items that have been sucessfully received by customers within 30 days are eligible for returns or exchanges. Once 30 days have elapsed from the receipt of goods, refunds and exchanges will no longer be accepted.


Refund Term Limits

Refund and exchange claims will only be accepted within 60 days of order processing.


Design Uploads

InterestPrint is not liable for printing or delivery delays related to complications arising from flawed designs being uploaded by store owners. InterestPrint is not liable for any monetary loss or damages arising from the inability to produce or ship infringing content.



Monetary Losses arising from orders seized by customs due to copyright and trademark claims are the responsibility of the seller. InterestPrint is not liable for losses related to the seizure of goods by international customs regulations.

By uploading or saving a design in the InterestPrint App you agree that:

l You hold the rights to commercially reproduce this design.

l You also release InterestPrint from any claims made as a result of any property right infringement.

l You understand that infringement of property rights is illegal. If you have any doubt as to the legal ownership of a design you should check with the rightful owner that you are able to use the design before uploading.

l You understand that InterestPrint acts under your instructions and are not obligated in any way to check or confirm the legal use of reproducing any designs.

l You agree to indemnify and defend InterestPrint for any claims made as a result of alleged infringements including copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, or other intellectual property claims, including any payments for damages sustained by a claimant and attorneys’ fees incurred by you to defend against any claims made.