About Us

ChuArts mission is to bring the newest and the freshest designs to the consumers, the primary products are “THE PRINTS”, which are made from shredded paper with a patent pending on the process, not the mediums they are on. They are Green as Green can be and are available for purchase for different use. That's what sets us apart from everyone else. As a product developer for almost 30 years. I've never worked on a project as satisfying as "ChuArts Prints". The company is guided by the corporate philosophy of “IT’S IN THE PRINTS”. The prints are not limited to one industry. The products may even be considered too hostile, too agile, and mobile to their competitors because of the security and limitless design options. They are mind-blowing, challenging, and truly one-of-a-kind inventions. The brand “ChuArts” is simply the next, the best, the now. ChuArts, LLC. ChuArts, llc.