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Clark Ulysse is the founder of ChuArts LLC. and creator of the ChuArts Print Designs. 

  • For over 24 years Clark Ulysse's been inventing products that really appeal to consumers. 

Clark Ulysse is the epitome of what the American Dream is about. He has vision, inspiration, tenacity, grit, compassion for people, and passion for his work. He has never given up in spite of the many obstacles “too many to mention” that have confronted him. 

People say "ChuArts Prints" are the "Hip-Hop of the art industry".  The concept behind the ChuArts Prints, are just the same and it will succeed just as much.  

ChuArts Clark H. Ulysse Arts” 

  • ChuArts LLC is an exciting new design company that provides unlimited designs for everyday use. Show-casing our print designs, which are available for purchase on different mediums These companies can meet any size order. In addition, it is directly connecting individuals and various business owners, professionals, 

heads of associations, organizations and others who are contributing to shape the future of design. 

Guided by our corporate philosophy and tag-line  “IT’S IN THE PRINTS’’ our mission is to bring the newest and the freshest designs to our product lines. With the growth of sublimation and interests of consumers to have coordinated products, we are able to create a line of products for spheres of life. 

The goal is to provide on-line products in multiple designs choices and hope to capture the interests of that avant-garde consumer who is looking to stand out from the rest. 

This includes but not limited to, Shawls, sheers, scarves, pillow cases, sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels, shower curtains,bathmats, Table runners, napkins, duvet covers, interior door decors, shirts, blouses, glass items,Tees and New Designed Hats for 2018      


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I know of Clark Ulysse the desgner of the ChuArts Designs and I saw how hard he has worked on this project, the long hours, lack of sleep, but still getting up early the next mourning to go to work. He's very determined to want he wants. I wish him nothing but success on this new venture in his life and hope it brings him all the success he deserves ...... Doreen. 

I received one of the "money" print scarves as a gift, and I have to say it was very lovely! The design is so unique, I get compliments each time I wear it. It washed up very nice as well (I'm always a bit nervous to hand wash a new scarf). Thanks for a great product. 

TB Seatle WA.


Donna Baxter Porcher 

Got my beautiful scarf and purse from Clark Ulysse, the entrepreneur behind ChuArts Prints. The scarf feels sooo soft! What's cool is you can order a bag or other accessory to match your scarf or whatever product you choose. There are a lot of designs to select from. 

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